Hanging On A Tree In Kentucky, Ctd

Here's a local blogger with some opinions and context:

Eastern Ky has a difficult relationship with government anyway. Much local government is corrupt. The only plot to assassinate a sitting governor was hatched here. The old courthouse was full of bullet holes from an assault in the 1930s.

Our school was founded to try and bring an end to the Baker-Howard-White war, which brought government troops in at one point. Whether it’s revenuers or government support of coal companies or the welfare state’s corruption of everything it touches, this is an area where it wouldn’t be too hard to find fifty people living off the Federal government and fifty people across the creek ready to shoot any DEA agent that stops to use the phone,.

What it’s NOT is about Glenn Beck, etc. I assure you that few people of the sort who would kill a census worker are concerned with Mr. Beck. They are probably more concerned with why their cousin is in prison or why they aren’t getting paid for running dope any more.