Glenn Greenwald unloads:

[W]hat is the point of closing Guantanamo if all of its architecture and defining traits -- indefinite detentions with no trials -- will be preserved and simply moved elsewhere?  What made Guantanamo evil and destructive isn't that it was located in Cuba.  What made it such was that that -- to use Obama's melodramatic campaign language -- it was a "legal black hole."  Closing it, only to re-create its core tyrannies in Bagram and re-build it as part of some "preventive detention" scheme, is worse than useless:  it's actively misleading.  There will be some American journalists and probably some hardened Obama loyalists who believe that closing Guantanamo -- while moving and re-creating its core features -- is some sort of "change."  But the rest of the world is highly unlikely to be tricked.