Garlasco's Hobby

This is a truly weird story. One of the top honchos at Human Rights Watch, which has, of course, been critical of some Israeli policies and actions, collects Nazi war memorabilia in his spare time. Netanyahu believes it proves that Human Rights Watch is a neo-Nazi front; Garlasco insists it's just a hobby. But a 400 page book? Oy. Context:

Mr. Garlasco, who worked at the Pentagon helping to target bombs in the second Persian Gulf war, has since traveled the world for Human Rights Watch, investigating and writing reports of the alleged use of white phosphorus munitions in Gaza, cluster munitions in Russia and Georgia, and other military practices in Iraq, Afghanistan and Lebanon.

HRW is right to investigate, and to suspend Garlasco pending a full inquiry into his motives for this odd past-time. People's hobbies should not usually be relevant to their jobs - except when your job is, in part, public communication. One more thing: a blog broke this news - again.