From Fear To Fearfulness


by Chris Bodenner

This reader nails it:

Can someone remind me what it is the NIMBY crowd thinks these detainees are going to do once transferred to the U.S.?  They act like these guys are half-MacGyver, half-Houdini, and half-Lecter.  Do they think they're Transformers or X-Men or something, and that as soon as these mostly low-level terrorists touch U.S. soil they're going to shoot lasers from their eyes and throw cars at people?

If this proves anything, it's that the Bush-era scare tactics worked better than we thought.  The Republican Party has gone from the party of fear to the party of being afraid.  If the left ever acted like pansies about something the way the right has about this, they'd be taken to task and labeled "weak" or "soft".

He's right; fear is weakness.