Anti-Democrat Or Anti-Incumbent?

Nate Silver wonders if opposing health care reform will hurt Republicans in the house:

2010, more likely than not, will be a year of some political upheaval. The question is whether that upheaval will be directed at Democrats alone, or rather, incumbents of all stripes. If the former, then Democrats are in for a world of hurt. If the latter, Democrats will still almost certainly lose seats, simply because they have more incumbents running (at least in the House; this is less so in the Senate). But they might be able to knock off a Richard Burr in North Carolina, maybe a Grassley in Iowa (although I wouldn't place money on that one), possibly someone like a Thad McCotter in MI-11, or maybe a Michelle Bachman or Joe Wilson.

Since Bachman and Wilson weren't ousted even with the Democratic boost Obama provided, it seems unlikely they will lose their seats in 2010.