And Poetry Too

Thanks so much for all the new subscriptions for the magazine. I really hope that the new media can also breathe new life into vital old media; you're proving it's possible. Meanwhile, a reader writes:

I'm glad you asked us to purchase the latest issue or a subscription to the Atlantic. I won't pick my subscription up until January, when I'm back in the States, but I will try to find this month's issue here in Madrid.

One thing you didn't mention, and I believe you should, is that there are wonderful poems in this issue by Mary Jo Salter and (be still my heart) Henri Cole. Though the Atlantic takes a lot of grief for not being the literary outlet it once was (especially with regards to fiction) , its dedication to literature for the largest part of its 150 years is something we can all appreciate, and should continue to support, alongside the more pressing issues of the day.

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