You're A Partisan! No You Are!

by Chris Bodenner

Hoekstra is lashing out at a letter signed by 10 former military and national security officials accusing him of fomenting "fear in order to score political points" on Standish:

Hoekstra spokesman Dave Yonkman dismissed the letter as a thinly veiled political attack from Democratic partisans. "Congressman Hoesktra is concerned with what the people of Standish and the state of Michigan have to say about transferring terrorist detainees into our state, not the opinions of a bunch of out-of-state Democrat contributors and partisans."

This is coming from the spokesman of a gubernatorial candidate whose Michigan district is on the other side of the state, and who in 2006 made headlines when he declared that WMDs had, in fact, been discovered in Iraq - in the form of a degraded chemical shells buried after the Iran-Iraq War. Also, those "partisans" include Richard Clarke - who was Bush's top counter-terrorism adviser and also served under his father and Reagan - and, even more to the point, this stalwart:

Lt. Col. Stephen Abraham is a highly decorated former military intelligence officer who served at Guantanamo Bay, where he had access to the government’s files on all of the detainees held there. He was so appalled by the use of fragmentary, contradictory and coerced evidence there that he resigned his commission and wrote an affidavit for the Supreme Court urging them to allow the detainees there to have access to civilian courts. Abraham is, in fact, a lifelong Republican whose civilian work was with the conservative Pacific Legal Foundation.

To add a bit more perspective to Yonkman's statement, a recent poll found that Michiganders - the people with the most at stake if detainees come to Standish - are decidedly more open to the idea than Americans as a whole; 50% oppose the transfer, compared to 58% nationwide. There are plenty of issues to be partisan about; this shouldn't be one of them.