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What Would The Greatest Generation Do?

by Chris Bodenner

The potential transfer of detainees to Standish, MI, has quickly become the central issue in the '10 gubernatorial race. One of the candidates - and perhaps the only Republican in either Michigan or Kansas to buck the party line - is state Senator Tom George of Kalamazoo. Here's his take:

The Standish prison is a maximum-security facility with an excellent safety record. There are legal precedents for housing federal inmates within Michigan, and it may be possible to negotiate a favorable intergovernmental agreement. During World War II, Michigan was the site of more than a dozen prisoner-of-war camps. We accounted for approximately 20 percent of America's armament production. ... Despite the risks of making Michigan a military target, our citizens did not hesitate to aid the war effort.

Such tough-minded pride and patriotism is sorely lacking in this debate.