The Face Of Legalization

by Patrick Appel

A reader writes:

You write “You can't get a celebrity spokesman to proudly proclaim he only smokes US-grown pot…” and it occurs to me – why not?  We are a celebrity worshiping country that takes pictures of our celebrities holding bags of poop they’re so interesting.

We all know Bill Maher smokes weed – he says so every few episodes of Real Time.  Others, like Woody Harrelson and Matthew Matthew McConaughey probably are carrying illegal drugs at this very moment (and local law enforcement knows this, but doesn’t want to be the guy that arrests Woody).  Keeping in mind that it’s so called “conservative” ideology that is keeping weed illegal right now, and such conservatives are not likely to listen to the “Hollywood elite,” why isn’t there a mass movement of celebrities donating their time and energy to legalization?  Somehow, with few exceptions (Tommy Chong, who from what I read was BEGGING to be arrested) we hear very little about high profile celebrity pot busts.

A Clooney, a Pitt or a Spielberg in a glossy advertisement outside of left – leaning magazine looking sober, rational and successful arguing for a policy shift on marijuana could go a long way.  George Clooney could convince my mother (a 50+ southern woman decidedly on the wrong side of this issue) that the moon was made of cheese.  One easily shot commercial with Danny Ocean looking into the camera could change more than a few minds.