The Daily Wrap

The Dish today had an especially varied diet. Andrew's main offerings included his reaction to the APA denouncing "reparative therapy," his defense of condemning the Gibbs gaffe, his continued discussion of race and partisanship, and an explanation of his political evolution - and consistency - over the years. (He also hinted at peeing in the shower - who doesn't?)

In foreign policy news, Clinton had trouble lecturing Kenya, Iranians targeted Nokia, and Juan Cole insisted that sanctions won't work (but went a bit too far in criticizing neocons). We discovered that Bush's Christianism was even scarier than we thought and that Americans, comparatively, could care less about climate change.

In conspiracy news, the Dish highlighted Obama smoking pot and exposed his secret Nazi plot. And  Andrew finally published his birth certificate.for all to see.

Finally, we started a new feature on the Dish today: The View From Your Sickbed, which chronicles your experiences with the American health-care system. The first entries can be found here, here, here, and here. (If you plan on contributing - at - please put "Sickbed" in the subject heading.)

-- C.B.