The Daily Wrap

by Patrick Appel

From his perch in sunny LA, Jonah Lehrer explored the normalization of marijuana and the possibility of a Prozac for pot. Jim Manzi couldn't make heads or tails of a paper on universal health care and job loss. Andrew, who is allegedly on vacation, popped his head in to post a pair of bloodthirsty dissents, bemoan Washington nepotism, and throw a punch at Max Boot. Julian Sanchez sympathized with policy wonks getting trampled by horse-race politics, while Jonah got inside the personal bubble of a close-talker. Chris Bodenner looked at life through the eyes of an armadillo and wondered about the Libertarian position on laws against threatening the President. Finally, it appears that an innocent man was put to death in Texas, and we got to see what a respectable dime-bag looks like.