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One More Week

by Patrick Appel

Many, many thanks to Hanna Rosin and Conor Friedersdorf for their admirable work. Please visit Hanna at and Conor at his various haunts. Andrew will not be back to full-time blogging until after Labor Day, but we are very lucky to have three extraordinarily talented writers joining us this week: Jim Manzi, Julian Sanchez, and Jonah Lehrer. Jim Manzi blogs at The American Scene, National Review's The Corner, and The Atlantic Business Channel. His interview this weekend with The Economist provides good background information. Julian Sanchez, who blogs at, has just begun a new job with Cato. He has worked for Reason, The Economist's Democracy In America, and most recently as the Washington Editor for Ars Technica. Last, but by no means least, we have neuroscience maven Jonah Lehrer who blogs at The Frontal Cortex, edits Mind Matters, and has written for Wired, Seed, The New Yorker, the Boston Globe, and the Washington Post. His new book, How We Decide, is well worth the purchase price.

As always, I will be manning the Dish's inbox ( If you have any comments for me, Chris Bodenner or any of the other guest bloggers please send them there.