Obama's Fetish

by Chris Bodenner

Krugman unloads on Obama. Ta-Nehisi isn't surprised by his betrayal of core progressive causes, but adds:

[I]t really hit me yesterday when Obama claimed that health care reform "shouldn't be a political issue." Really? Then why did he hand it off to a gaggle of politicians? Why is he even talking about it? Then Obama shouted out Chuck Grassley, who has aided the spread of death panel rumors, as an example of a Republican whose been "working very constructively." Grassley returned the favor by calling Obama "intellectually dishonest." [...] I'm not sure that most voters are bothered by any of this. Still, this whole escapade smacks of Obama being too clever by half--of an Obama who can't get over his own high-mindedness and holds out the bipartisan spirit as a kind of fetish, a gimmick. It's all so unserious.