More Guest Blogging

by Conor Clarke

It's been a difficult four-week absence from the Dish, but it's great to be back here and guest blogging -- thanks to Patrick and Andrew for the second chance. It's also great to be here with Peter Suderman, whose hospitality and BBQ skills I have taken advantage of at least twice. And while I absolutely cannot and will not tell you what Megan McArdle is really like, I can offer a little background: I'm a correspondent for the Atlantic, and I've worked previously for Brookings, The New Republic and the Guardian, and I am about to abandon the profoundly lucrative journalism industry to move to England and become a graduate student in economics.

I did a pretty flakey job responding to Dish emails last time around, but I think I learned my lesson and can do better this time. So, caveat lector: My email is, my twitter feed is here and my other Atlantic blog is here. Please nag me about anything. I've been in India for most of the past two weeks and got back home to DC last night, so I need to catch up on what's been going on in the world. (What's all this stuff I hear about health care?)