by Hanna Rosin

Finally, a great cat story. Julie Powell, of Julie and Julia fame, writes an obituary for her cat, Maxine, on DoubleX today. Read between the lines. Like all good pet stories, it's not really about the cat.

What we see is not the sardonic, complicated, talented cat of my longtime acquaintance, but a sweet, thin, red-headed doll of a thing who watches old episodes of The French Chef with her head pertly cocked, as if to echo the words of her owner, “Julie Powell,” regarding Julia Child: “Isn’t she adorable?”

The trouble is, I would never say something like “Isn’t Julia Child adorable?” Julia Child, for chrissakes, this literal and figurative giant of a woman who changed the lives of thousands and the entire American culinary landscape ... adorable? And neither would Maxine. 

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