If Jonah Hill Were An Economist


by Chris Bodenner

Derek Thompson checks in with the "mancession":

According to AEI scholar Christina Hoff Summer, 80 percent of all job losses in the last two years were among men -- not surprising, considering the implosion of manufacturing and the housing construction bust. As a result, male unemployment has far outpaced female unemployment and given that the fastest growing sectors of health and education are already female-dominated, it's likely the trend won't reverse itself soon.

Amanda Hess points to chart above and sighs:

Of COURSE the “mancession” yields clearly phallic statistical data! If there’s any silver lining to men losing, it’s that they’ll have a lot more time on their hands to uncover all the secret penis line drawings hidden in everyday objects.

More (non-phallic) charts here. Headline reference here.