How Nationalism Works

by Patrick Appel

Adam Serwer applies the House Slave/Field Slave analogy to liberal Jews:

Accusations of selling out should be reserved for those who actively work against the interests of the community--not those who simply disagree about what is in the group's best interest. Those who accuse Jewish liberals of "self-hatred" aren't offering insight. They most resemble what Glenn Loury calls those "self-appointed guardians of racial virtue" in the black community who enforce a dangerous and enervating form of "black political correctness." Like black partisans who accuse any conservative black intellectual of being a "sellout," the Juicebox Mafia's detractors are simply trying to shut down debate over Israel's actions, which is hardly in the long-term interest of Israel or the Jewish community in the Diaspora.

Ta-Nehisi chips in his two cents.