Greetings and Salutations

by Peter Suderman

Thanks to Andrew, Patrick, and Chris for having me this week. It's been more than a year since the last time I appeared at The Dish, so a brief introduction is probably in order. But what to say? As everyone who's seen Heathers knows, however, introductions can be awkward.

Sadly, I don't currently have a stupid question to ask or answer, so I figure I'll just stick with obvious background information, plus a smattering of trivia. Currently, I'm an associate editor at Reason as well as a frequent contributor to The American Scene. I've also served as an editor at National Review, Doublethink, and the short-lived Culture11. David Fincher is my favorite living movie director, The Dismemberment Plan is my all-time favorite band (I'll even defend Travis Morrison's solo records), and Fahrenheit 451 is my favorite novel. In recent weeks, I've wasted an astounding amount of time playing Fable II on the Xbox 360. I plan to spend this week writing about movies, comic books, video-games, and health-care politics and policy, among other things.

Also, full disclosure for those who don't already know: I'm happily engaged to the loveliest woman on the web -- or, for that matter, anywhere else -- Megan McArdle.

Questions? Comments? Want to know what Megan's really like? Email me at

UPDATE: A couple of people have written in to ask for the rest of my work experience. Glad you asked! Google tells all without my help, but, for those who're interested, I've also previously worked as an editor at the Competitive Enterprise Institute; a staff writer at FreedomWorks; a public relations assistant at the career services department of the University of North Florida; a sales associate at a Books-A-Million in Destin, Florida; a waiter, for six consecutive summers, at Fudpuckers (once ranked one of the top spring break spots in the U.S. by Rolling Stone); a bus boy at TGI Fridays (though only for a week), and some sort of associate team member something-or-other at Winn Dixie during my senior year in high school. And, in the interests of even fuller disclosure, my position at Reason is thanks, in part, to the good graces of the Charles G. Koch Charitable Foundation -- though any opinions I express here are my own. Also, I cut grass in my hometown suburb from the time I was about 13 until I was about 16. Any other questions? You know where to send them.