Gog, Magog And The MSM

A reader writes:

As voters we needed to know that Biblical Prophecy was a factor in his decisions. Were Cheney and Rumsfeld on the same page? Did Colin Powell know this? Did the former CJCS know that the men and women and the institution that he was tasked to protect were were being spent because of what is in Revelations?

Let's get Cheney back on Meet the Press. Let's have Haircut Gregory ask him how much Revelations played in Bush policy decisions.

If you think the networks or MSM will ask Bush or Cheney this question and ask them if Chirac made this up, you need to move to a counry where mainstream journalists are unafraid of those in power and less eager to book them on their Sunday shows than ask them real questions that would tick them off. The Sunday shows are platforms for the power elites to convey their propaganda through vessels like Stephanopoulos or Gregory. They are not intended to grill or expose the lies of politicians. And God knows, David Gregory must never, ever take a position.