Dissent Of The Day

by Patrick Appel

A reader writes:

What just happened in three short days?  With one statement about the "public option" from Obama, the entire health care reform discussion shifted totally away from the right wing crazies and Palin's "death panels"  In just three days with one statement about the "public option", liberal Democrats who stood on the sidelines and barely jumped in to the death panel discussions, have finely stirred off their duffs to get into the fray and argument.

In just three days, the media has shifted its coverage away from the crazies and the lies and finally, some meaningful media attention to the real issues on the health care reform effort.  In just three days, the whole debate on health care reform has turned around and hopefully, now the debate and discussions can be about the real issues and real health care reform can happen.  Meanwhile, the ultra conservative right wing has been stymied. Obama is brilliant!

Noam Scheiber makes a related point. I'm not completely buying it, nor am I convinced that the worst of the health care fury is over.