Creepy Ad Watch, Ctd

by Chris Bodenner

A Swedish expat in New York delivers:

I was amused to read the post about the Swedish Apoliva commercial. Below are the original lyrics, assuming I understood them correctly, with my clumsy English translation. The melody is actually from a traditional Swedish folk song.

Solen har vänt sig bort,
den bliver här alltför kort.
Men aldrig ska vindens hand,
driva dig, från mig.
Och molnen de skingras när,
du håller mig kär.

The sun has turned away,
it stays here far too short.
But never will the hand of the wind,
push you away from me.
And the clouds they are dispersed,
when you hold me dear.

A reader in Sweden adds:

The song is very sweet, actually. Old Swedish love songs often have a vague menacing undertone, even when the words express happiness.


The Facebook reaction to the ad is hilarious! The advertisers are apparently trying to evoke the gloom of typical Swedish weather, and the message is that this particular brand of cosmetics is designed for the conditions Swedes “face.”


The visuals look much like the opening and closing of the film, "Lat den ratte komma in" ("Let the Right One In"). Add a too-pale girl with dark, sunken eye sockets, and you've got the makings of the next Swedish vampire-romance classic. I'm scared too, yet I can't look away.

And a final reader from Sweden:

Funny to find the freaky Apoliva-girl on the Dish! There has been headlines such as "Why the Apoliva girl scares the shit out of you" on Swedish newspapers lately, but I myself had not seen the clip. I'm gonna try falling asleep after having seen this, good night...