by Patrick Appel

Sincere thanks to Conor Clarke and Peter Suderman for doing a superb job this week and to Bob Wright (who was on Colbert last week) for his work the week before. I hope you will buy Bob's new book, visit Conor Clarke at his Atlantic blog, and keep up with Peter at Hit & Run and The American Scene.

This week we're very lucky to have Atlantic Contributing Editor Hanna Rosin and Dish alum Conor Friedersdorf guest-blogging alongside Chris and myself. Andrew e-mailed me today to say he is "slowly returning to the life of full consciousness," which I take as a good sign. Here is Andrew's sign off post for those readers who missed it. He'll be back to full-time blogging after Labor Day, but Andrew claimed when he left that he would "be contributing some photo-blogging from the Cape and maybe a few notes from the books [he's] reading," so perhaps we'll see him around these parts before then.