by Patrick Appel

Jason Zengerle offers his final thoughts on the gun debate just as E.D. Kain enters it:

People should have the right to bear arms. The government should not be in the business of taking law-abiding peoples’ guns away.  But is it so much to ask – such an affront to liberty – that we leave them at home while listening to our politicians give speeches?  Unlike gyms or church services or gas stations, these events generally have security on the premises.  If a shooter shows up, other guys with guns will be on the scene already.  I totally understand having a gun in many, many other scenarios, where you might actually need it to protect yourself.  But at a town hall meeting?

I'm with Thoreau on this one. Whether or not one has the right to bear arms at a political event, tactically it's an incredibly idoitic move unless that event is about the right to bear arms. Fans of the second amendment aren't winning any converts.

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