Details profiles a modern-day caveman:

Daniel Suelo lives in a cave. Unlike the average Americanwallowing in credit-card debt, clinging to a mortgage, terrified of the next downsizing at the officehe isn't worried about the economic crisis. That's because he figured out that the best way to stay solvent is to never be solvent in the first place. Nine years ago, in the autumn of 2000, Suelo decided to stop using money. He just quit it, like a bad drug habit.

Suelo has a blog that he updates at the public library, natch. The older I get the more I believe that simplicity of life is much more important than wealth. The only point of money is freedom. And yet, in this culture, it seems as if the only point of money is money. It kills the soul if all you believe in is capitalism.

(Hat tip: Reason)