A Cuban-American And The GOP

A reader writes:

I read your post about Martinez and had to smile and send you my thoughts on the GOP and how they have lost me forever.  I am a second generation Cuban American and hitting the big 40 this year.  I am a Regional Sales Manager and for  electronics company based in Orlando.  I fit the demographic for a typical GOP voter for life.  I did not switch my party affiliation until 2004 and there won’t be any  turning back.
The Republicans have not had answers for any of the country’s problems for years.  The last person was Regan and his answers got us in the ditch that we find ourselves in now.  From healthcare, education, immigration (what can you say about that one?), foreign policy, the environment….I could go on but you get the picture.  When the GOP stops being the party of No and finally has solutions to offer then maybe others will listen.  That is why Obama did so well and I knocked on so many doors. Finally someone that actually wanted to DO something about the problems we  and our children face as a nation.