YouTubing The Revolution

Below are the various videos that leaked out of Iran today. First, one of the clearest clips of demonstrations at Neda's cemetery:

A dramatic shot of solidarity in the streets:

The Lede's Robert Mackey - an essential source for the Dish - writes of the following clip:

shot in Tehran today, near the prayer venue the authorities denied opposition leader permission to use:

A cacophony of car-honking (a similar clip in a tunnel here):

Traffic is completely backed up with chanting Iranians:

A reader translates:

People are chanting "esteghlal, azadi, jomhoorie Irani") Independence, Freedom, IRANIAN republic) as a play on one of the most popular slogans of the 1979 revolution: "esteghlal, azadi, jomhoorie eslami" (Independence, Freedom, ISLAMIC republic)

In this clip, notice the number of defiant women:

Protesting on the subway bus:

A twitterer translates:

Ppl chant: dead to rusia & china / allaho akbar (big god) / in mettro

Nico provided some great context to these chants a few weeks ago:

The chants against Russia and China -- whose governments have both recognized Ahmadinejad's election victory -- were widely used today. As noted below by a reader, the strategic benefit here seems to be associating the Iran's government with a foreign power, just as the government is trying to do to tar the reformists.

From the distant city of Isfahan:

In many ways this clip (also from Isfahan) is the most powerful one from today: