Wiiii!!!, Ctd

by Chris Bodenner

A reader writes:

Your post about the Wii and senior groups relates a similar experience I've had through the Wii for Seniors program I run at the library. The Wii is an awesome tool for helping adults overcome technology intimidation. (There was an article about the Wii remote design in Fortune magazine awhile ago.) Every single adult who has come to my program or demonstration who has harbored some hangup about new technology has left with renewed curiosity. For the library, this leads to people borrowing books and magazines, taking classes, and rebooting them into the age of digital information. The Wii is a bridge to the future of gaming and a friendly introduction to modern technology for those whom the digital revolution has paid very little attention.

Dr. Allan Kleiman and his project Senior Spaces was the original inspiration for my Wii for Seniors program. I directly lifted my program from his progressive library work.