Why Get Married?

Megan McSudelman explains:

There's a reason for the social role of "spouse".  And there's a reason for all of the legal and social systems that have grown up around that role:  they reinforce and strengthen it.  It would be much harder to do many of the things we want and intend to do, for and with each other, without that useless little piece of paper...if domestic partnership is working for you, I'm happy for you.  But when I thought about the reasons not to get married, they mostly boiled down to an instinct for contrariness.  I don't need to put myself through a bunch of legal hassle and domestic partner registration just to prove something to Jerry Falwell and my eighth grade history teacher.

For new readers, my article from last year on my marriage is here. My husband's acting career has been taking off lately. Our marriage enabled him to do what he loves. It also helped me do what I love, with his emotional support and love. Why this is a threat to society - indeed a form of evil to the GOP base - is simply beyond my understanding.