Who Gets Drudged The Most?

by Patrick Appel

Gawker sums up a report on public figures ranked by the number of times their names have appeared on Drudge report since 2002:

George W. Bush tops the list, naturally, with 4,889 appearances on the report, an average of two per day. Next up is Barack Obama, who made his debut on the Drudge Report in 2006, with 2,387 mentions. Poor John McCain placed third, with half that number. Hillary Clinton is close behind as the top-ranked woman in Drudge's world--no surprise, considering he once said, "I need Hillary Clinton.... That's my bank." Speaking of women, there aren't many--10 out of a total of 56 people who rated 100 mentions--and they almost all share the drama-queen turbulence that Drudge lives to chronicle: Katie Couric, Sarah Palin, Madonna, Martha Stewart, etc.