Violence Escalating

Details are surfacing from the Iranian twitterverse:

Independent reports of increasing clashes. Fires on many streets.

Extremely heavy clashes towards Mosalla.

Heavy clashes at Takht Tavos St. police shooting tear gas

Tear gas fired at Mofateh / Vali-Asr intersection.

No Mobile Network at Central Tehran, Almost all part of Cent. involving in Heavy Clashes, fire, tear gas and gunshoot.

Confirmed: Vali Asr from Vali Asr Square to Vanak Square is jampacked and smokefilled.

People shout, “Don't panic, don't panic, we're all together!”

... Mourners started chanting "Ya Hossein, Mir Hossein" & forces started beating them.

Mousavi not allowed to read the Quran on the martyrs' graves.

Khatami: Any violence on anyone must be dealt with. Even a drop of blood shed can be a disaster.

Montazeri: “They won't let them [people] shed tears for their loved ones. We have become worse than Shah.”

Source: filmmakers Jafar Panahi and Mahnaz Mohammadi were arrested today. Mahnaz is a wonderful, passionate, independent woman

ppl chant in BeheshtZahra: "WE R all 1 voice, WE R NEDA, WE R SOHRAB"