by Chris Bodenner

While Mousavi and Khatami are expected to be at Rafsanjani's address, Ahmadinejad is AWOL. But he had some choice words for his "enemies" yesterday:

"[T]his nation ... will strike you in the face so hard you will lose your way home," he said in comments translated by English-language Press TV.

Meanwhile, the chief editor of conservative newspaper Kayhan had this to say:

"Rafsanjani must avoid supporting the hooligans in his sermon; he must keep in mind that supporting the hooligans is support for the enemy."

Speaking of hooligans, NIAC relays the following:

According to reports received by Mowj Camp, Mansour Arzi and Saeed Hadadian, two Ahmadinejad supporters, are responsible for mobilizing people to participate at the Friday prayer to interrupt Hashemi’s sermon by chanting slogans against him. The first 10 rows have reportedly been designated to these individuals.