The Starbursts Fade

by Patrick Appel

Palin hits a new low:

Overall, the new poll found that 53 percent of Americans view Palin negatively and 40 percent see her in positive terms, her lowest level in Post-ABC polling since she first appeared on the national stage last summer as Sen. John McCain's running mate.

Obama is nearly a mirror opposite. Michelle Cottle plucks out a nugget:

One line in particular from today's WaPo analysis of its latest Palin-related poll highlights a key challenge to any dreams of national office being entertained by the soon-to-be-ex-governor: "Among white evangelicals, Huckabee outpaces Palin and the others by better than 2 to 1."

And Ta-Nehisi is right about this:

What people quickly forget is that Palin hasn't actually done top-billing on a national campaign. The cold light of constant media attention and debates will be brutal. I guess she could, somehow, make it out the primary. But that would be a statement on the truly fallen state of the GOP.