The Reason She Matters, Ctd

A tsunami of emails keeps arriving telling me to stay on the Palin story, and agreeing with what I wrote here. All I can say is that I will keep asking until we get answers that can be verified, fact-checked and make sense. And when we do, I intend to hold every single person responsible for this farce accountable for every last ounce of it. If you do not like this, read another blog. We will continue, of course, to cover many other issues - climate change, Iran, healthcare reform, civil rights, the recession, Pet Shop Boys albums, bored cats, and other vital matters. But I won't give in until I figure out what exactly went on last fall and what is exactly going on right now. A classic email on these lines:

I agree with you that the Palin story should not be allowed to disappear into the trashcan where the MSM has filed it. Gut instinct tells me that it is facile to believe that she left in a huff over family photos, or in a sudden fit of wishing to save Alaska taxpayers' money.

A slightly more cynical instinct tells me that Palin's departure was facilitated by sources who offered to fund her future efforts, for motives of their own, while assuring her that her cover story of injured family pride and wounded dignity were not only true, but would be accepted by the public at large.

An even more cynical instinct tells me that the MSM won't pursue the story because they already know exactly who influenced Palin's decision,  because it involves members of the media that individual 'journalists' don't wish to offend,  and because the story is so injurious to the MSM's false image of independence that absolutely nobody wins  (except the public of course!) by pursuing this loser story. Don't let go ...

If I survived the insane pressure on me to stop writing about this last September (not from my editor or employer, I might add), I'm not going to flake out now. When will an MSM reporter ask her a relevant question? I keep wondering.