The Reason She Matters, Ctd


A reader writes:

Like you, I am amazed how this country came so close to the cliff. That a group of people knowing full well that this woman is totally unqualified to have handled the position of Vice President, let alone president, were willing to sacrifice this country for power is simply mind boggling.

From the day Palin stepped on the stage to the night of her convention speech to the Gibson and Couric  interviews, just by listening to her string words together that made little or no sense, I realized that something was amiss.

I worked in a newsroom in Pensacola at the time. Some in there thought that by a stroke of genius McCain had saved his campaign. Many others sided with me and thought the woman was going to flame out.

But for me the fact that McCain chose this woman ran deeper than most. I came to this country as an immigrant because of war in my country. I had just become a citizen and was going to be voting for the very first time in my life. I had admired the American system of governing. The mere change of power without a single gunshot being fired is something that I am in awe of, even today.

And this country that has been touted as the greatest on the earth was being played like a two bit banjo by a select few, who could careless about the grit that this country was built on and made of. That sent chills down by body.

I saw through the deceit, lies, hypocrisy, all of it by people, who should have known better, but chose to forgo their principles. I watched Peggy Noonan talk out of both sides of her mouth about this woman. And when she was caught with a hot mike, tried to make the best out of her hypocrisy.

I watch journalists shy away from asking the questions – tough questions – that they probably would have had no qualms asking women the likes of Hillary Clinton, if the shoe was on the other foot.

Even today, you have reporters like Andrea Mitchell and others from major networks flocking down to Arkansas to continue to give this woman legitimacy. They still are not asking the right questions. Mitchell, when Palin complained about the fact that the frivolous ethics investigations were pushing her out, did not have a follow-up question. She too, had gone down there for the photo-op, to my mind.

You are so right. It is not about this woman (as far as I am concerned) anymore. It is about the people  -- John McCain, people in the GOP and our erstwhile media that came together and nearly destroyed this country. I share your desire to continue to push on this story until these people are fully exposed for what they wrought upon us.

(Photo: the cynic and fool who gave us palin, by Mario Tama/Getty.)