The NYT's Approach To Journalism

Instead of actually reporting, they tell everyone else to stop reporting or asking questions:

From this perspective, the decision was simple and sensible: Less stress, and more national attention and money. A year from now, perhaps, she will find herself in a position where she wants to run, or is being pressed to run, and may do it. Or she may find that being a big player in her party and the conservative movement you could see candidates making a pilgrimage to her doorstep for her endorsement might be satisfying enough. Yes, she might have some grand plan to make her way into the White House, as so many people have speculated. But maybe, for now at least, there is less there than meets the eye.

Remember when newspapers actually wanted to find out the truth, rather than explaining why there's no truth to be found? They weren't interested last fall and they aren't interested now. All they seem interested in is getting on Morning Joe.