The Not-So-Useful Idiot

Ross chronicles the meteoric rise and fall of the biggest farce in American politics in living memory. The column is yet another rehash of the Nixonian class resentments and Rovian cynicism that dominate what passes for the GOP's thinking classes: if only she'd waited and "boned up" on the issues, she could have had a real future. Er: How about nominating someone who actually knew something about some issues before she was picked? Or someone who could at least give a passing imitation of even being interested in them? Did that ever occur to Ross?

He mentions not a single policy issue, nor a single actual accomplishment this hood ornament of a candidate can be credited with. He mentions not one of her increasingly fantastic delusions and lies. But somehow it's her elitist enemies' fault that she came acropper!

How about her elitist friends' fault for believing that a few starbursts and a media strategy worthy of Vladimir Putin could keep the show on the road long enough for them to collect their checks? Really. When will Kristol and Barnes and Douthat apologize for their sponsorship and toleration of this reckless nonsense?