The Lingering Question

Why did she make her announcement so suddenly? The more you read, the weirder it gets:

Does the reference to the “If I die, I die” quote that happened more than a month ago mean we can assume that Palin began thinking about throwing in the towel prior to June 4?  If so, it raises new questions about why the hastily called press conference with less than 2 hours notice minutes before 5:00pm on the east coast on the Friday of a holiday weekend when Todd had to pack up and fly in from Dillingham 300 miles away?  Why not 2 weeks ago?  Why not 2 weeks from now?  Why not the safest decision; 18 months from now?

Indeed. A Mudflats commenter notes:

Anyone who fishes Bristol Bay will tell you that NOBODY leaves the area on or near July 4. It is the peak of the run. Todd did not fly his plane in to be by her side for “something we have been planning for some time”. I am quite sure the reasons she gave him on the phone had nothing in common with what we, the public, have been told.

We scan the sky for shoes.