The Flag And Palin

A reader tracked down the photo from the Palin Calendar for 2008. Another reader has a better memory than me:

In the summer of 1998, Monica Lewinsky did a photo shoot for Vanity Fair which had her pose provocatively with the American flag. Maureen Dowd was livid at the time ("There's something sickening about a young woman who vamps with the American flag, mocking her role as the silent centerĀ of a case that could bring down a president") and Walter Shapiro was still steaming about it months later ("She displayed execrable judgment in posing on a beach with an American flag for Vanity Fair. Her vanity duly engaged--as whose would not be?--Monica lacked the maturity to balk at the magazine's tasteless choice of props.")

Palin's literal wrapping herself in the flag is after the jump. We've had enough images of Palin on the blog today: