The Final Hurdle

The BBC profiles a British activist who helped hasten the end of the Jesse Helms ban on HIV-positive tourists, visitors and immigrants to the United States. The ban's repeal is in its final bureaucratic stages and we are now in a public comment period. If you agree that this unique legislative 1987 ban on people with HIV should finally leave the books, here's a very easy, 30-seconds online option to submit your support for the change for the public record. Please do, if you want to end the stigma of HIV that this ban has sustained. You helped lobby to get the law changed; now, if you have a moment, you could add your name to the public comment option set up by the feds to register public comments.

John Kerry's explanation of why this matters is after the jump. Republican senator Gordon Smith was also central. The Bush administration supported lifting the ban too. I obviously have a vested interest in this as I have long explained. But it matters for so many more, much less privileged than me, and for the honor and decency of the United States of America. Just add your name here.