The Daily Wrap

Today Andrew explained the real reason behind his relentless pursuit of Palin. Two readers backed him up with excellent emails, and another proffered a new theory behind her resignation. We also put forth more reasons why Ross is wrong about Palin's resentments and how East Coast elites are actually among her most powerful supporters. And we continued to show how mainstream outlets like Time and the NYT have failed to question "Queen Esther."

In Iran news, while citizens continued to protest in little ways, a huge demonstration could be on the horizon for tomorrow. In Honduras, we got a grisly glimpse of censors at work. On the home front, Massachusetts is suing the feds over marriage equality. On the blog front, David Kahane got a Malkin, Dan Riehl got an Yglesias, and Patrick Mahoney got a Hewitt. In our look at Iranian culture, we featured car enthusiasts and a remarkable female driver. And the MHB today was pretty awesome.

-- CB