The Daily Wrap

Today Andrew returned from his blogging sabbatical just as Palin abandoned her post (and any trace of bipartisanship). He quickly caught up with the Gates scandal (addressed at length in his Sunday column) and recounted a brutal bashing in PTown. He also took stock of the situation in Afghanistan, scoffed at gestures by Democrats to nix DADT, and took a big swipe at WaPo and the Washington establishment over torture.

The Dish spent a lot of pixels today highlighting the rot of the far right; how Christianists have dug in; how pro-Israel allies have helped; how birthers like Inhofe and Bachmann are crazier than ever, and how Limbaugh is more cynical than ever, and how the GOP may have found its next JTP.

In foreign policy news, a floundering Ahmadi lost his deputy and most of his cabinet, Biden continued to embarrass himself, and the future of Iraq looked bleak.

But to add some color to the day, we posted two great videos of paint - here and here.

-- C.B.