The Daily Wrap

Today on the Dish we primarily covered health care; Tumulty surveyed the political landscape; Andrew opined on Obama's approach; Drum was taken aback by Andrew's pragmatism on the public plan; Ezra laid into Megan, while she went back-and-forth with Marc over obesity.

As Gates-gate winds down, TNC sniffed at the beer summit and Dave Chappelle channelled the awful truth. In other creepy police news, we received a dispatch from DC, discovered disturbing cases from Tennessee and Idaho, caught wind of a terrorist knitter, and noticed once again who the most dangerous president could be on civil liberties.

In Iran news, Trita Parsi argued against the US going ahead with negotiations. Larison disagreed. And Juan Cole showed how even the hardliners are getting fed up with the violence.

Finally, Andrew recommends you read this book and this book.

-- C.B.