Strange Blogfellows

by Chris Bodenner

In anticipation of Palin quitting her title today, Mudflats bids a bipartisan farewell to all her conservative critics in Alaska:

The phenomenon of Sarah Palin, whom [right-wing pundit Dan] Fagan now refers to as “Crazy Governor Lady,” has expanded my circle of virtual friends. Now, don’t get me wrong, I have not changed my political philosophy, but the last 2/3 of a term has done something fascinating. It has created some very strange bedfellows, indeed. In a certain limited way, I’ve been able to consider people like Dan Fagan, and Mike Hawker, and Jay Ramras, and a host of other Republicans kindred spirits. Frankly, I have found myself thinking, “You go, Dan!” on more occasions than I care to admit. [...] Like some strange weather phenomenon, we all looked with fascination, knowing this strange cosmic event would quickly pass. It was interesting while it lasted.

Brace yourself, Lower 48.