Riding The Populist Tiger

Jonah reads his email. They're in too deep now. Here, by the way is the column that prompted the emails.  Goldberg is partially in Krauthammer's camp, but, of course, he cannot really upset the Palinites who now make up the core of the modern GOP. From the conclusion:

Here’s the good news: You have time. Here’s the better news: You have something no one else in the party has charisma. And I don’t mean you have the most charisma like it’s a consolation prize for not being elected prom queen. If money could buy what you have, Romney would have bought it all by now. Good politicians can learn how to win over audiences, but the great ones are born with the ability. Reagan had it. Clinton had it. Obama has it. You have it. You are the “It Girl” of the GOP.

What you lack, you can learn. If knowing how to describe the situation in Pakistan or explain the “doughnut hole” in health-care coverage was all you needed to get elected, an intern with a subscription to The Economist could be president.

So here’s my advice. Stay home and do your job and your homework. You’ll still be a national figure come the primaries. But if you can’t surprise your detractors with your grasp of policy when you re-emerge on the national stage, you won’t win the nomination. More important, you won’t deserve to.

Conservatives4Palin is deeply offended by such criticisms.