Return Of The Underbloggers

by Patrick Appel

Please continue to send e-mails to while Sully is away. Know that I read all of them even though I don't always have time to respond. It's impossible for me to sleuth through the nether regions of the blogosphere to round-up the best bits of bloggy goodness and write the sort of long, thoughtful posts that Andrew is known for. It is only with the help of our incredible readership –and guest bloggers– that the Dish maintains its crispness during Andrew's periodic absences. As always, treat the links and excerpts I post as food for thought and jumping off points for deeper discussion.

by Chris Bodenner

Specifically, I should add that we are still soliciting material for our running feature on Iranian culture (details here), so if you have any good links, please send them under the subject line "Outing Iran." Also, we are hoping to revive the "Ask The Audience" feature, in which we post emails on compelling topics overlooked by The Dish, particularly from readers with a background or expertise in that area. (Some good examples are here and here.) And as always, we continue to need great contributions to "The View From Your Recession" and "The View From Your Window." Lastly, a quick update on our photo book: its release has been delayed because of our unexpected Iran coverage and some other side projects. Stay tuned.