Reality Check has put up a new chart tracking Obama's approval on health care:

It's the worst selling job he's done in a long time. I can't tell what's in it, not in it, what he's for, what he's against. My best bet is that Obama's insurance reform will end up requiring big tax hikes for people like me (I can live with them if they bring real health improvements to sick people) for a modest ability to get insurance for almost anyone regardless of previous conditions. That's a good thing. Not a radical thing. And won't do anything much about costs, let alone allow a public option. It will be like the climate change bill, a very modest, largely toothless start with very modest potential to affect change.

Not quite as exciting as the change we could believe in, is it? But government in bankrupt, divided, late-imperial periods are never very pretty to watch. The final collapse - the dollar going south or hyper-inflation - is when it gets interesting again. Ready for Obama's second term?