Read Christopher Caldwell And Bruce Bawer

I'm biased since they are both old friends. But they are not Steynian hysterics; and not authoritarian conservatives. They are, at core, liberal-minded conservatives who are deeply alarmed at the enabling of Islamist illiberalism in Europe. There was a great review of Chris' vital new book in the NYT today. When so many very smart and decent people are worrying we should worry. I'm less pessimistic than they are, because I have perhaps a little more faith in the attractiveness of Western freedom for the next generation of Muslim Europeans; and I have grown weary of the Straussian view of the decadent, hopeless West. But they make a strong case for vigilance. Here's a link to Bruce's book.

(And Chris has been prophetic before. See this piece from a decade ago about the right. Michael Lind got this too. And yours truly. But not everyone saw the right's collapse at the hands of the South looming.)