Privacy as Fetish

by Conor Friedersdorf

Kashmir Hill:

Erin Andrews is a sportscaster for ESPN. She is what many would call a hottie; in 2007, she was Playboy’s top choice for America’s Sexiest Sportscaster.

One of her apparent “fans” hid a camera in her hotel room, and secretly filmed video of her. Fox News is calling the guy a peephole pervert, though it’s unclear how exactly whoever is responsible got the camera in the room. It shows Andrews nude while she is brushing her hair and putting on make-up.

The person responsible posted the video online, and it went viral (and virus-laden)...What Jennie Yabroff of Newsweek (and I at The Not-So Private Parts) find intriguing though is what makes the video so interesting. A hot, naked woman brushing her hair in a grainy video? There’s plenty of better free porn on the Internet. Why is the Andrews video so appealing?

The rest of her post attempts advances what seems to me a compelling answer.