Previewing The GOP's 2010 Offensive

Weigel checks in on their messaging:

“If the American people will let the Republicans back in charge,” said [Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-Texas)] on the Feb. 19 episode of Sean Hannity’s Fox News show, “the 60 percent of this bill that won’t be spent until after the next election, we’ll cut it off and let it go to the Americans.” That idea didn’t immediately take...But as unemployment numbers rise, and as the Obama administration is forced to admit that its early projections of what the stimulus package would achieve were overly optimistic, Republicans are returning to that February vote and hanging it around the necks of vulnerable Democrats. Increasingly, they are echoing Gohmert’s enthusiastic pledge to scrap whatever stimulus money is left in January 2011.

Then blame Obama if the recession deepens: perfect!