Palin's Reset Button?

A reader writes:

I think you are still giving Sarah Palin too much credit. I was struck (as you were) by the observation by one of your readers that perhaps the entire story of Trig's birth including the seemingly irresponsible trek from Texas to Alaska actually only started to make sense if you stopped trying to think about some over-arching strategic subterfuge and just assumed that the whole episode was a BS story to make her look tough. As soon as I read this, I realized that this was, in fact, the storyline that seemed by far the most plausible. In a similar way, I think Palin is correct when she tells the media that they are reading too much into her behavior. You quoted her as saying: "You know why they're confused? I guess they cannot take something nowadays at face value." OK, let's take it at face value. What does it mean?

To me it means that the whole ordeal ended up being harder than she had anticipated and she wasn't enjoying it at all anymore. She wanted a mulligan. So, she is resigning from the Governorship with no clear idea of what will happen after that, but confident that whatever happens is bound to be more enjoyable than what she had been going through for the past 8 months. I actually don't think that she herself knows whether or not she wants to run for President in the future. She just wasn't having any fun and decided that she alone was going to set the rules for her future participation. If a big scandal hits in the next few weeks, that will mean I was wrong, but I don't believe that I am. She just wanted to push the "Reset" button.

We'll see. You never know with her.